For mom

respect the womb
giveth thou birth
oh! lamenting soul
misery is bound,
give her due regard.
thee owe earth
for food to shelter
thee owe for water
thee owe for air
don’t disregard the earth
don’t diregard the woman
In her honor lies your life
In her disrespect lies your death
beware of devil,beware of evil



Try untill you die

Life is meant to be recreated in the meanwhile when you fail. You must come again and agin with the full vigour to counter everything that has become the barrier to you success. Man has been bestowed with the power of doing everything but only if he has struggled enough to be the deserved one.It is hard to get up once you are knocked down but it’s worse if you never tried to do it.


Do you want to be successful?

I didn’t write anything yesterday about what I had promised . Do you know why? No…..No…..No..
Let me tell you . It was only to arouse curiosity in your heart . It’s your heart that leads you to the success.If you are not curious about your work,if your heart doesn’t crave for it,then your are bound to be unsuccessful.That is the only solution to all of your problems.Get completely lost in your aim.Love what you do and do what you love..everything will be alright and don’t forget to work hard….May God bless you….best of luck
          Enyoy reading,there’s more to come on success.



Bring back the ecstasy to your life.Do you know what’s missing in your life?
Ofcourse you do.Everybody knows,but nobody gives a damn about how do you figure it out? You try to work hard,earn more and after all struggle for a luxurious life.Let me tell you life is worth it but still people who have these achievements complain one and the other way.You know what’s reason behind these complaints.Let me question you directly,to the point.Do you love your better half if you are married to the extent that you never cheat her?what is in others that your partner lacks.why don’t you communicate when things go wrong.May be you are the reason who has failed to sparkle the relation. Do you love your parents like they do? They moulded you,brought you up spending their best.Holding your little fingers they showed you the path.Why don’t you bother like they did when you were a child and abruptly started crying.Do you feel the same for them?Do you love your daughter,your son like the way you would have loved when going through the same phase of life.Why don’t you care for eachother? Why don’t you respect eachother? I have a long list of questions.Can you just answer me these.Well you have the answer.Go back hold your loved one’s while they need you.Figure everything out,it’s never late. Forget the grudges  you hold in your memory.Let love be heard,let love be seen,let love be felt and let love mesmerise everything.Love isn’t something you get but reverse the equation and see the miracles happen.

Love the way nature loves you
Care the way nature cares for you